Unleash the Power of Predictive Analytics




Leverage the power of Predictive Analytics
to help your organization move from
Preventive Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance.
Organizations must be able to prevent
downtimes by anticipating which assets
will experience breakdowns.



Our monitoring and analytic solutions
enable clients to predict failures in
industrial machinery, predict production yield,
and provide in-depth root cause analyses.
We are also uniquely qualified to incorporate
human behavior data to identify and prevent
high risk situations.



Industrial asset performance directly
impacts profitability. Maintaining and
improving the performance of these assets
becomes a required yet daunting task for
maintenance teams who are faced with fewer
resources and more information and data than
ever before. This is where Predikto can help.


Case Study: Metals Manufacturing

Learn how Predikto was able to take sensor and historical
downtime data from a steel manufacturing Hydraulic Supply
System and predict with 92% accuracy the downtimes over a
6 month period. This asset failed 64 times last year costing
the plant $1.3M in downtimes
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